In 2013 .....Riverbank Productions proudly presented Carlo Collodi's classic Italian tale about the puppet who wanted to become a real boy.  Gepetto decides to make a marionette from a magical piece of wood and he calls his puppet  Pinocchio.  To Gepetto's dismay, Pinocchio turns out to be a mischievous, naughty puppet. He is easily distracted by a Fox and the Cat and soon forgets the Blue Haired Fairy's good advice.  After Pinocchio is turned into a donkey and swallowed by a shark, he finally achieves hisgreatest wish - to become a real boy.  With four versatile actors, puppets, catchy original music and lots of joining in, this show is guaranteed to please family audiences, particularly children aged four to nine.
The Wind In The Willows
In 2011 and 2012 Riverbank Productions were very proud to present  Kenneth Grahame's “The Wind In The Willows”, to 40 theatres in the UK Ireland and  Jersey “ The  timeless tale of (in the words of the author) “Life, sunshine, running water, woodlands, dusty roads, winter firesides”. Mole was spring cleaning his little home when finally he had had enough. “Hang spring cleaning!” thought Mole and he bolted out of his house to start an adventure. He meets Ratty, Badger and the reckless Mr Toad of Toad Hall....... With four actors, puppets, original music and lots of joining in, this show entertained family audiences across the nation.... So in 2011, as Toad, Ratty, Mole & Badger set out on the road for  their most exciting adventures.....and so to, did Riverbank Productions....
Rudyard Kipling's classic tale is brought to life in this new adaptation by Riverbank Productions for children aged 4- 9 and their families.  The story is set in the Indian jungle. We following the tale of Mowgli the man cub, brought up by wolves and befriended by Bhagheera the panther and Baloo the bear. They have to guide him through all the dangers in the jungle. He has to resist the flattery of the playful monkeys and be wary of the untrustworthy snake Kaa.   Most of all he has to look out because he has a real enemy in the form of evil Shere Kahn the tiger. With brand new catchy, sing along songs, comedy, audience participation our four talented performers present a show to please old and young alike.
The Jungle Book
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