Treasure Island
Welcome to Treasure Island, a place full of wonder, excitement  and mystery! Riverbank Productions proudly presents its musical version of the Robert Louis Stevenson classic novel. With pirates, hidden treasure, swashbuckling action treasure maps and mutiny on the high seas.  Meet the crew of the Hispaniola as they sail the seven seas in search for the lost plunder..The young cabin boy Jim Hawkins is swept away on the adventure of a lifetime when he stows away on the ship. But as the voyage progresses it quickly becomes clear that not all on board can be trusted as some of the crew are Pirates...Including the infamous Long  John Silver... With brand new songs, puppets, humour, drama and action our  version of Treasure Island will have a family audience laughing, cheering, singing and holding their breath all the way to the exciting ending...Suitable for families with children aged 4-10.